Focus on liquidity

The Finance Department is responsible for financial management and the management of financial risks in collaboration with the Management Board of the holding company Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. In addition, we provide the framework for financial governance in the Haniel Group by publishing and continuously updating minimum requirements.

Tasks and functions

1.    Financing
We calculate the holding company’s financing requirements and an appropriate range for debt on a regular basis. We cover the financing requirements by concluding loan agreements with banks and using capital market instruments. We also arrange subordinated loans with our shareholders.

2.    Investment Management
Investment management comprises the planning and investment of excess liquidity in suitable financial instruments.

3.    Cash Management
By bundling cash flows, we ensure liquidity, optimise financing costs and allow for a seamless and secure flow of funds within the company.

4.    Rating
Haniel is subject to the assessment of external rating agencies. We monitor all relevant key figures for ratings and maintain regular dialogue with the rating agencies Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Scope. We are also the point of contact for central banks and commercial banks.

5.    Creditor Relations
Creditor relations comprises target-group-specific communication with banks, bond investors and analysts in relation to the Haniel credit story. We aim to establish long-term, ongoing partnerships characterised by openness and trust.

6.    Risk management
We analyse, plan and assess financial risks in relation to interest rates, currency, commodities, liquidity and counterparties, and derive appropriate risk management measures on this basis. This includes entering into derivative hedging transactions. In addition, we also advise the divisions on selecting suitable risk management measures.

7.    Financial Governance
We monitor the organisation of and compliance with financial governance in both the external and the internal environment. We thus regulate collaborations with the divisions and work in the holding company in the area of finance.

    Employee profile

    Our employees have a degree in economics, ideally with a focus on financial management. They stand out thanks to their analytical and results-oriented thinking and work approach in addition to keen numerical reasoning. They are fluent in spoken and written English. Initial professional experience in the areas of treasury and finance proves to be an advantage. An affinity for EDP and IT is also very useful. Our employees are driven and adopt a confident approach. They work independently and on their own initiative.

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