Controlling, Strategic Planning & Accounting

Accounting pays off with us

The Corporate Controlling, Strategic Planning & Accounting Department assists the Management Board of the Holding Company Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH in the value-oriented management of the Haniel Group. This includes making decisions regarding the strategic organisation of the Group and evaluating the ongoing business activities of Haniel investments. Tried-and-tested business tools and effective controlling processes form the basis of the information that is required in order to do this.


  1. Reporting
    The Haniel Management Board is informed on a monthly basis of the business situation in investments and of important developments on the markets. Likewise, the Haniel Supervisory Board receives regular reports on the current business situation. We prepare this information.
  2. Planning
    A systematic planning process supports the value-oriented development of the Haniel Group. The annual planning cycle comprises strategic planning and operational planning.
  3. Project and investment controlling
    Investment controlling serves to control the Haniel Group’s financial resources. We are responsible for the investment budget, making investments and individual investment proposals.
  4. Group accounting
    We prepare the semi-annual and annual reports for the Haniel Group in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Moreover, we advise the divisions on accounting-related matters.
  5. Risk management
    Risk management at Haniel means identifying potential factors that may inhibit success early on and reducing the impact of these factors by taking countermeasures.
  6. Holding controlling and accounting
    We are responsible for planning and cost centre controlling, as well as for the annual financial statements of the Holding Company Franz Haniel & Cie.GmbH and the sub-group Franz Haniel & Servicegesellschaften.

Employee profile

Our employees have all completed university degrees in economics, specialising in controlling, financing or financial reporting, and have achieved very good results. They have a solid knowledge of business English and possess critical and analytical thinking and evaluation skills. In addition, they grasp complex subject matter quickly. Our employees are known for their results-oriented and structured working style. They have clear and ambitious goals and are prepared to put in more than the average level of effort to achieve these. Their strengths include resilience and flexibility, as well as an obliging manner. They are able to communicate and work as part of a team and are trustworthy.

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