Haniel Scholarships

Haniel scholarships

Today’s talented students are tomorrow’s executives. Therefore Haniel invests in their education – they receive support so that they can wholeheartedly concentrate on their studies. Haniel is backing a total of 19 young talents. Seven are studying at the Chair of International Accounting at the University of Münster (WWU), and a further ten are enrolled in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen and two more are studying business administration at the University of Cologne. “Instead of paying into an anonymous sponsorship pool, the funds flow directly to the universities with which we are associated,” explains Andrea Schmitz, who is responsible for strategic recruiting at Haniel. “Another advantage is that we can target our support to students in the disciplines where we have the greatest need for junior staff in order to attract them to Haniel at an early stage.”, to commit them to Haniel early on.”

How it works

The Haniel scholarships are embedded into the scholarship system of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Exceptionally talented students receive a grant of 300 euros per month for a maximum of two years. Half of this sum is paid by the federal state, and Haniel contributes the remaining 150 euros. Parental income is not taken into account; what counts is outstanding performance. It is up to Haniel to decide whether its commitment will also include intangible forms of support – e.g. insights into the Group, internships in Germany or abroad, or seminars at the Haniel Academy.

Gregor Hagemann, Haniel scholar at the University of Münster:

“Alongside the financial support during my Master’s degree course I am particularly pleased to receive the ideal kind of sponsorship. Haniel offers me the opportunity to gain practical knowledge beyond the scope of my course by attending seminars at the Haniel Academy."

Jessica Nathmann, Haniel scholar at the University of Münster:

“The scholarship offers me the opportunity to gain an insight into a large trading and services group through seminars and internships."

Kristof Köller, Haniel scholar at the University of Duisburg-Essen:

“In the summer I will study in the USA for three months. Obviously the financial support is coming in very handy for this. On top of this, the seminars at the Haniel Academy are preparing me for the start of my career. It could hardly be better!”

Sharon Sophia Thomas, Haniel scholar at the University of Duisburg-Essen:

“I feel called to business. I’m delighted that Haniel is supporting me in achieving my objectives.”

Jannes Rauch, Haniel scholar at the University of Cologne:

“In view of my planned semester abroad in Shanghai I am particularly pleased about the financial support. However, I am also attracted by the training opportunities at the Haniel Academy.”

More Information

How to apply

The scholars are selected by the universities. Those interested should apply directly to their university in Münster or Duisburg-Essen.

Scholarship holders meeting

Haniel’s scholarship holders were guests at the Group headquarters in Duisburg in April 2010 - they got to know the company at close range here, including a guided museum tour and a visit to a CWS-boco laundry in Bochum.


Scholarship holders’ meeting

In January Haniel invited the scholarship holders to a seminar at the Haniel Academy in Duisburg. Under the title "Work-life balance" they learnt how to reconcile their working and private lives with one another – a topic of interest to the students not just with regard to their future professional careers.